Best Heated Mittens of 2018

Our team spent hours testing a lot of available heated mitts and we always make sure to suggest a good one that worth the investment. Here are the best electric battery heated mittens on the market right now:

1.Outdoor Research Lucent Mitts

These mittens have many of the same features as Outdoor Research’s top-rated heated gloves. They are heated by the same patented ALTI heat system, which has been tested under many different conditions. The heating elements are distributed all across the top of the mittens, including the fingers and thumbs. They have a waterproof breathable Gore-Tex shell, with strips of goatskin on the palms for improved grip. Enduraloft insulation helps hold heat in and keep cold air out.

The battery-powered mitts also boast a long, adjustable cuff that will go over even the bulkiest winter coat. The three heat settings are controlled by a small button on the top of the wrist. According to Outdoor Research, the batteries will last 8 hours on low, 5 hours on medium, and 2.5 hours on high. A carrying case and removable wrist straps are also included with the mittens. Overall, customers thought that these brand were very warm, functional, and durable.

heated mittens3.jpg

2.Hestra Power Heater Mitt

Like the Hestra gloves, these mittens have heated coils and Quallofill insulation. The 70% cowhide/30% synthetic outer shell is soft, but also wind and waterproof. The palm is durable goat leather, and the soft, warm lining includes a CZone waterproof breathable membrane. A travel case, battery charger, and international charging adapters are included with the mittens, as well as a lifetime warranty.

The wrists on the electric mittens have elastic as opposed to an adjustable strap, which makes for a nice cozy fit. Each mitten has a waterproof, zippered compartment for the batteries. There are three different heat settings, controlled by a small panel on the top of the hand. The batteries are reported to last about 10 hours on low, and 2 to 3 hours on high, and they charge in about 4 hours. Hestra power heater mitts have been featured in numerous ski magazines and blogs, and generally, have very positive reviews.

These top-rated heated mittens are great for cross-country or downhill skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Hestra is a very respected company when it comes to making outerwear for cold weather. They are family-owned, so they are able to oversee all aspects of production, including what materials are used. This video below shows you a test for the power of Hestra gloves and mittens.

heated mittens1.jpg

3.Seirus Innovation

Customers loved these electric mittens because they are very warm and comfortable, but also wind and waterproof. The outer shell and palm are 100% full-grain leather. Added to this is a Dryhand waterproof breathable membrane, which quickly wicks away any moisture. The heating is provided by the patented Flexible Fusion panel, which covers the entire back of the hand and wraps around the fingers.

Seirusinnovation mittens have 2 different types of insulation: 100 grams of Primaloft, which is designed to function at high altitudes; and 150 grams of Heatlock hollow core insulation. This is more than double the insulation of the average mitten. A wrist cinch helps keep heat from escaping, and the cuff is designed to go over winter coats. The batteries are very thin and light. With 3 different heat settings, most customers are very happy with the warmth of these electric mittens. The company reports that the batteries will last at least 6 hours on low, 4 hours on medium, and 2 hours on high. A one year warranty covers any defects in the Seirus Innovation mittens.

If you are looking for some heated mittens that look a bit more stylish than the others, the Seirus Ignite is a great choice. They are unique in having a full-grain leather shell, but they are still completely waterproof. Winter sports enthusiasts like these mitts because while they are very durable, they are also soft and comfortable to wear all day. Seirus was one of the first companies to introduce a heated mitten with a portable battery, so they have had some time to improve their designs. For a very comfortable pair of electric mittens that still look great, Seirus Ignite mitts may be right for you.